MCGunsCraft: A New Generation of PVP

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MC Guns Craft: A New Generation of FactionsPVP

Factions with a hardcore guns plugin and a custom-built texturepack, it doesn't get much more intense then that! Fast-paced minecraft action and a multitude of stores defines an amazingly fierce and intense gaming experience for Veterans and Newcomers alike! The server is owned and built by a group of 6 friends. There minecraft names are listed to the side. You can contact five of us using the "Contact Us" buttons on the Home Page of the website. Admins and Mods will sometimes hand out free EXP and items, so cross your fingers!

       rabidgrizz            JayanthKumar               nito757                pittaman2012             Braveheart__

Update****: Heator has left us but helped us build the spawn, so he is a honorary permenant member.

MC Guns Craft: Becoming a Mod

To become a mod, please contact one of the mods in game and they will tell me (JayanthKumar, OP).

List of Moderators:

-JayanthKumar (OP)






Contact one of them for a special moderator privelage.

(Also tell us your Skype).

Danza Kuduro